"Aromatherapy is an art which induces relaxation and increases energy, reduces the effects of stress and restores lost balance to mind, body, and soul."


Aromatherapy is a natural treatment that uses the power of essential oils to heal the body and the mind. Essential oils are extracts of plants, herbs and flowers' immune system.

Aromatherapy is used to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit, it has been proven effective in pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. 

It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.


"Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond."


Ayurveda is the art of daily living in harmony with the laws of nature. It is an ancient wisdom of health and healing, a science of life. The aims and objectives are to heal the disease focusing on the cause rather than the symptoms. 

According to Ayurveda, health is a perfect state of balance among the body's three fundamental energies, or Doshas, and an equally vital balance among body, mind and the soul or consciousness.


I offer a range of client-centered treatments, inspired by essential oils, crystal healing, Ayurveda and knowledge of the body's energetic centers.

I work holistically, taking time to thoroughly discuss the client's needs, choosing the right collection of ingredients and techniques for the body to respond to. 

I create a healing space for the client to feel truly able to relax and allow the benefits of the treatment to unfold. 

My experience and knowledge, along with the commitment to my work, ensure my treatments are unique and very effective.

I am a fully insured therapist and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


I create handmade beauty care products,  using only plant-based and ethically sourced ingredients.

I am committed to developing top-quality products for professional use and for customers to use at home. 

My products reflect my views for a better and more natural health approach. 


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