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Benefits of Chamomile

Updated: Dec 7, 2017

Chamomile essential oil is very effective in fighting #depression and for raising spirits. #Chamomile eliminates feelings of #sadness, #disappointment, and #sluggishness while inducing a sort of #happy or charged feeling. Effective in #calming down annoyance, anger and #irritation. It’s also very effective in relieving the severe #pain of neuralgia by constricting the blood vessels that surround the ninth cranial nerve and relieving the pressure. It calms almost all nervous disturbances or hyper-reactions which result in #convulsions, #spasms, #nervousness, and loss of control over limbs. Chamomile can be used in #mouthwashes as well, in order to keep away #badbreath and eliminate #oralinfections. Potent #sedative as well as long-lasting #inflammatory.

Contraindications: There are no specific risks of using this oil unless someone has a direct allergy to chamomile or to any other members of the Ragweed family.

Spirit: It promotes a sense of #innocence and child-like #spontaneity and it enables the simple #expression of one’s personal truth.

Tip: known as the plant’s physical as it protects neighboring plants from infections.

If you have problems falling asleep, try putting 2 drops at the bottom of your feet, massaging them slightly before going to bed, you'll be dozing off in a minute! You can also mix it with lavender essential oil, or make a spray: try Magnesium (113ml), Lavender (10 drops) and Roman Chamomile Essential oil (10 drops) 10 min before going to bed! #insomniaremedy

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