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Benefits of Juniper Berry

Updated: Dec 7, 2017

Juniperberry essential oil disinfects air and helps cure kidney stones, inflammation and enlargement of the prostate gland. Juniper helps rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and renal calculi, which are related to improper circulation and the accumulation of toxins in the body. It also relieves swelling. It relaxes muscle cramps and helps pains from trapped wind. It helps wounds heal faster and keeps them protected from infections, including internal wounds, cuts and ulcers. Juniper is beneficial for oily and acne prone skin, eczema (including where weeping is present), psoriasis and for treating dandruff.

Spirit: Associated with spiritual purification and the with the power to drive out negative influence, it breaks through psychological stagnation and it consolidates will power freeing one from worries and unpleasant memories. Aloofness and lack of social confidence can be somatised and result in stiff and painful joints; Juniper helps to purge us from the worry and self-absorption that is rooted in the fear of failure, restoring determination and confidence.

Tip: Until the 1950’s the aromatic twigs of Juniper were burnt in French hospitals to cleanse the atmosphere. In the past, people wounded or injured in wars or athletics were treated with it.

Contraindications: Avoid if you suffer from kidney disease. Use in low concentrations, as it may be irritant for the skin. Do not use during pregnancy.

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