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New Moon in Libra, which essential oil to use?

Hey everyone! Tonight and tomorrow the beautiful #moon is new and is in Libra, inspiring us to make wishes to start a new month with good intentions. Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships, so when the moon is in this sign, it's a wonderful time to turn your mind to matters romantic! And also to business matters involving partnerships. It's also a good day to make peace with an ex you've loved and lost. Libra loves to negotiate, so if you have a personal or professional matter on which you'd like to reach an agreement, all things being equal, this is the right day to start the conversation. It is also basically just a great day for love, so shower the people you love with love, wining and dining is highly recommended!!

ESSENTIAL OILS TO BENEFIT ZODIAC SIGNS If your star sign or ascendant is...

...#LIBRA: as you begin a new journey, #ANGELICASEED will ease any doubts and increase self-awareness and positivity. Use angelica seed at this New Moon and for the coming four weeks, in your bath, in a burner or on your body. "I am brave!"

...#VIRGO: a wonderful oil that can help to calm any fears you might have around money is #YLANGYLANG. It's a very relaxing oil, just what you need if you have money worries. Breath in deeply, and remember that money is energy and responds to our emotions. "I am worth it!"

...#LEO: #BERGAMOT is very useful to oil the wheels of communication. Use it at this New Moon and for the coming four weeks, in your bath, in a burner or on your body. "I listen as much as I speak"

...#CANCER: #PATCHOULI is an uplifting aphrodisiac that positively impacts the spirit. It reduces depression and boosts the immune system. Put it in your burner and spice things up at home! "I am safe and all is well"

...#GEMINI: #CINNAMON is an aphrodisiac and this part of the chart has a very flirty feel to it. It controls blood sugars and it's also known as one of the happy-making essential oils and this part of your chart is all about having fun! "I am a creative being and my juices are flowing!"

...#TAURUS: if you're having trouble expressing yourself, or you feel like your daily grind is all too much, try dabbing a bit of #TEATREE oil at the base of your throat or on your wrists, or putting it in your burner. "My wellbeing is my priority, I am getting back on track"

...#ARIES: #JASMINE is recommended for opening up the heart chakra, and it's, therefore, a wonderful oil with which to anoint yourself. You can dab a few drops around the area of your heart chakra (middle of the chest) between the breasts or pour a few drops into a bath. "I love you and I love me"

...#PISCES: #MYRRH helps us to become open to receiving gifts. As you use it, confirm that you're ready to receive. "I am taken care of materially"

...#AQUARIUS: #SANDALWOOD is a wonderful essential oil for you to use at this time. It's considered extremely sacred in Eastern religions and this is an especially sacred part of your chart. It's also great for spiritual awareness and for getting you in alignment with your soul purpose. Sandalwood is also an excellent meditation aid on any day of the week. "The world is my oyster!"

...#CAPRICORN: #LAUREL is a great essential oil to use during this cycle. It will help you to focus more as you work hard because it aids concentration. It also motivates and boosts confidence. "I love seeing my plans work out!"

...#SAGGITARIUS: chemical compounds found in #FRANKINCENSE essential oil can cross the blood-brain barrier and oxygenate the pineal gland. This gland in our brain was called 'the seat of the soul' by French philosopher Descartes and it's believed by some to be the often-referenced 'third eye'. "I am connected to all life everywhere"

...#SCORPIO: the moon is now in a part of your chart associated with fear and other negatives. #LAVENDER is a powerful essential oil to work with to counter any fear, depression, anxiety or nervousness. It's great to work through such issues when the Moon is triggering your 12th House. "It's ok to say no"

Hope this helps to take this new moon a step further or to understand that strange unexplained feeling that you woke up with! Happy #newmoon

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Reference: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

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