Cypress Pure Essential Oil

Cypress Pure Essential Oil


Cypress essential oil is a good oil to choose during times of upheaval as it helps to restore calm. Cypress consoles and comforts those that are left behind, whether they are widowed or going through separation. Rather than glossing over the pain, it helps gaining a perspective and thus the ability to let go and rise above the immediate heartache.

In aromatherapy it is also used for cellulite and oedema. It can aid coughs and conditions of the upper respiratory tract. It checks excessive perspiration and sweaty feet. Cypress is excellent for PMT, promotes menstrual flow and can be used as an aid for menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. 


100% Pure Cyprus Essential Oil in a 10ml glass bottle.  

  • SKIN

    Cypress essential oil has incredible astringent properties which make it useful for aiding acne and oily skin types. It is commonly used in deodorants. 


    Cypress oil is useful for those who suffer from nervousness and anxiety. It helps to restore calm and focus whilst helping ease negative emotions.

    It brings the mind into balance with the spirit. Helps one cope with and accept life changes (moves, new job etc.). 


    Cypress essential oil is recommended whenever there is excess fluid. It can be u