Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil

Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil


Grapefruit oil is primarily used for its effect on cellulite and water retention, as it is believed to help rid the body of toxins. It can help stimulate kidney function and rid the body of excess fluid. It is also valued in aromatherapy skin care products for its skin toning and cleansing properties, which are especially useful for oily or congested skin and acne. It is also a great oil to lift the spirit and provide support in stress related conditions, fatigue, depression and nervous exhaustion.  

Used in a diffuser or aromatherapy roll on, Grapefruit can sharpen concentration, improve mental clarity and help to boost self-confidence, ideal to use whilst studying or driving, to help stay alert and maintain concentration.

It is a refreshing, stimulating oil that helps to energise the mind and body.


100% Pure Grapefruit Oil in a 10ml glass bottle. 

  • SKIN

    Grapefruit essential oil is cleansing for the skin and has an astringent and toning effect that is particularly beneficial for oily and acne prone skin. It is also thought to have a tonic effect on the scalp. 



    Grapefruit essential oil is mentally rejuvenating and can help relieve stress, tension, nervous exhaustion, negative feelings and black thoughts.

    Excellent for stimulating self-esteem, creating euphoria and self-worth. It relieves heavy emotional burdens, giving lightness of spirit. It helps releasing feelings of tension, frustration, irritability and moodiness. Good for people who resort to “comfort eating” when stressed. Grapefruit clears the psychological heat and congestion that results from deep-seated frustration and self-blame; it works to rid the heavy feelings that accompany angry disappoi