Juniperberry Pure Essential Oil

Juniperberry Pure Essential Oil


Juniperberry is a calming oil that helps soothe stress related symptoms, urinary problems and helps to detox both the mind and body.

Juniper is particularly useful for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, neuralgia and muscle aches and pains. In aromatherapy skin care it can be added to products for dermatitis and cellulites or lotions for problem skin, especially if there is an inflammatory component. It may be used to stimulate menstrual flow and relieve menstrual cramping and other PMT related symptoms. It is a specific for urinary problems, though it should be avoided in cases of acute kidney inflammation. Juniper is very energising and restoring and can help to cope with nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue, angst and other stressful conditions.When used in a diffuser, this pungent, cleansing fragrance clears the mind of negative thoughts and improves mental concentration. Use with caution. 



  • SKIN

    Juniperberry essential oil can help reduce inflammation and be beneficial for oily and acne prone skin, eczema (including where weeping is present), psoriasis and for treating dandruff.



    Juniper essential oil can help calm the nerves, reduce nervous tension, anxiety and mental fatigue. It is also thought to dispel negative feelings including anger and confusion.

    Associated with spiritual purification and the with the power to drive out negative influence, it breaks through psychological stagnation and it consolidates will power freeing one from worries and unpleasant memories. Aloofness and lack of social  confidence can be somatised and result in stiff and painful joints; Juniper helps to purge us from the worry and self-absorption that is rooted in the fear of failure, restoring determination and confidence. 



    Juniper oil has an affinity with the urinary system. It can aid the digestive system and reduce fluid retention. It is believed to soothe stress or hormone related bloating and over indulgence in food and alcohol. Its analgesic properties are beneficial for joint and muscle pain and it can be effective in treating gout and arthritis. It can also be useful for respiratory problems and period pain.


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