Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

Patchouli Pure Essential Oil


Patchouli is a relaxing, uplifting and sensual essential oil. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and is excellent in skincare and for fighting stress, anxiety and depression.Apart from its hippy connotations Patchouli does have some very useful medicinal and therapeutic properties and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine where it is said to address the imbalances of Kapha.



  • SKIN

    Patchouli has a deeply moisturising effect and is often used in aromatherapy treatments to help restore dry and tired skin. It can also be used as an intensive treatment for cracked and damaged skin, for example on very dry heels or skin suffering with the signs of eczema. 

    It helps to regenerate healthy, new skin cells, heal wounds and reduce scarring. Patchouli helps to reduce inflammation and is beneficial for dermatitis, acne, sores, ulcers, fungal infections and scalp disorders such as dandruff. It can also be used to treat insect bites and as an insect repellent.



    Patchouli oil is soothing, stabilising and slightly hypnotic. It is beneficial for treating stress, depression and anxiety. It helps balance the emotions and combats lethargy. It can help ground and centre people who are prone to day dreams and is also good for meditation for calming 'mental chatter'.



    Patchouli essential oil has excellent diuretic properties and can be beneficial for reducing water retention and the appearance of cellulite. It is also reputed to be a powerful aphrodisiac, it is good for stimulating the sexual hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, which boosts the sex drive.

    Helpful for menopause and PMT.

    It helps with impotency, loss of libido, disinterest in sex, erectile dysfunctions, frigidity, and sexual anxiety.