Sandalwood Amyris Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood Amyris Pure Essential Oil


Sandalwood essential oil is used in a multitude of blends for face, body and home, adding a solid, woody base to fragrance blends. Added to a massage blend for the face, Sandalwood is wonderfully softening, helping to tone and moisturise environmentally-damaged skin. It may also be used as an immune booster in full body massage and is particularly effective at strengthening the body through the winter months. The soft, sweet and grounding fragrance of Sandalwood is also beneficial during times of stress or anxiety, helping to ease mental fatigue and warm the heart.



  • SKIN

    Amyris essential oil can be helpful for hydrating and rejuvenating dry and mature skin, it can be used in balancing lotions, especially night creams for either dry or oily skin.



    Amyris lifts the mood and can help to clear and calm the mind and induce a meditative state. It can also help stimulate creativity, strengthen resolve and impart courage.



    Amyris oil is used for infections of the urinary tract and respiratory conditions, such as sore throat and bronchitis.