Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil


Sweet Orange essential oil is a cheerful, soothing and refreshing oil that is good for lifting the spirits and helping with digestive problems.

The familiar fragrance of orange is cheering to the spirit and will help to release anxiety and encourage feel-ings of joy. Orange is one of the best oils to dispel listlessness, fatigue, depression and dreariness. It may inspire creativity, happiness and peace. In aromatherapy skin care it can be used for all skin types, though it is particularly useful for dry and sensitive skin. It may moisturise and refresh dull skin and help to tone and tighten aged skin. It is a good decongestant and can be used to stimulate circulation and combat cellulites. It helps to clear blockages e.g. in the lymphatic system as well as stuffiness in the head or blockages in the digestive system. It 'moves chi' as the Chinese would say.



  • SKIN

    Orange (Sweet) essential oil has a balancing, tonic effect on the skin and can help to support collagen formation. It can also help to detoxify congested complexions. Particularly beneficial for acne or blemish prone skin, mature, dry and irritated skin and dermatitis.



    Sweet Orange essential oil is a cheery and uplifting oil that can be beneficial for anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. It is gentle enough to use on children and can help them get to sleep at night.



    Orange (Sweet) essential oil is beneficial for the immune system and can help with colds and flu. It also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps the body to eliminate toxins. As a digestive stimulant and mild antispasmodic it can also be helpful for digestive problems and cramps.


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