Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil


Ylang Ylang has balancing, calming properties that are beneficial for stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia. Emotionally Ylang Ylang is said to appeal to our inner femininity and was often used in its native country to decorate the beds of newlyweds. It also blends wonderfully with citrus oils such as Mandarin and Bergamot, helping to release tension and uplift the mind. Ylang Ylang’s cleansing properties are also helpful to people with greasy or combination skin. Applied to the face in a massage blend this oil can help to cleanse, clarify and improve skin tone. Ylang Ylang is a reproductive stimulant; it helps with frigidity and impotence, by relaxing and uplifting the spirit. Useful for those who have subconsciously blocked their feelings of sexuality due to fear, anxiety and the urge to withdraw.



  • SKIN

    Ylang Ylang has a balancing and stimulating effect on the skin and is beneficial for combination skin, irritated skin and acne. It can also be used as a scalp tonic to stimulate hair growth and to balance sebum production in both dry and greasy scalps.



    Ylang Ylang is valuable in treating depression, anxiety, nervous tension, stress-related insomnia, shock, fear and anger. Its erotic fragrance can also help to release sexual inhibitions. It has an uplifting effect on mood and induces feelings of joy and hope. It helps to reunite the emotional and sensual nature of individuals, helping feelings of restlessness, agitation, and isolation. Ylang-Ylang both soothes and entices, opens and centres us. It allows us to inwardly unify and so outwardly emerge.



    Ylang Ylang can assist with problems such as high blood pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat, nervous conditions, and sexual problems.


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